Regarding to the installation of Anti-Reflective acrylic partition in the education field.

Currently, education fields are obliged to take measures such as always wearing masks and arranging desks with intervals to prevent the coronavirus. Furthermore, it is desirable to take measures to prevent droplets, such as installing an acrylic partition during music classes and school lunches.

However, normal acrylic partition will be reflected image of yourself and the surroundings. And it is well known that the reflection is stressful to the human brain and eyes.
Therefore, we applied our technology “Anti-Reflection processing” to the partition. It can reduce light reflection. As a result, it looks like there were no partitions and can reduce the stress cause of reflection image. It makes that possible to clearly see the facial expressions of all students. In addition, the acrylic surface has been got a scratch-resistant and anti-dust function, durability also greatly improved.

On February 1st, we donated and installed Anti-Reflective acrylic partitions to all seats in our local junior high school music room. That action can start to provide lessons without reflection stress.

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